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tv   Today  NBC  July 9, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. remembering betty ford, the former first lady who turned her private battles with addiction and breast cancer into a public mission and candor and made her an inspiration to millions and this morning we look back -- >> the verdict a law punishing parents with children and it comes just eight days before casey is released from jail. >> welcome to america. william and kate in california
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as they go to the historic trip to the u.s. and one will include a gala dinner for the family for today, saturday, july 9, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. she was thrust into the spotlight. she made good use of it. >> she didn't want to be an activist. that's what she became, both in the white house and after. she told the country about her battles with breast cancer and alcoholism. betty ford was admired by millions. a lot more coming up. >> the latest on the space shuttle, "atlantis" is in orbit right now high above the earth.
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it's a force of bittersweet but historic moment. what is next for nasa and space flight? the latest coming up. >> overseas, there are new developments for the widening phone hacking scandal out of britain. the newspaper that tapped into the voice mail of the widows of former soldiers and other victims. it's going to close tomorrow. a key aide to the british prime minister is arrested in relation to the investigation. we have the story of one lucky kitten. it was thrown out of a car in the verazano bridge here in new york. a driver who saw the whole thing was able to rescue the little guy. that hero driver is in the studio. so is that little kitten that he saved. wow is he cute? >> you love the outcome. but the horrible thought of someone tossing a cat out the window. we want to begin with the death of betty ford, the former first
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lady helped sparked some important conversations in this country. died in california on friday, she was 93. in a statement president obama called for a powerful advocate for womens rights. because of ford's leadership, many lives were saved. brian williams looks back on her life. we got to know her all over again during the week of mourning for president gerald ford, her strength and dignity still intact 30 years after leaving the white house. >> i was an ordinary woman called on stage at an extraordinary time. >> the president's first and our first lady, betty ford. >> elizabeth boomer ford, never expected to be anything other than a congressman's wife. >> and his wife, betty ford. >> oh but she became first lady the day richard nixon resigned.
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it was, as she later said, the saddest day of her life. >> i'm indebted to no man and only to one woman, my dear wife. >> i didn't know what i was getting into and i don't think there's anything that can prepare you for it. >> suddenly, america wanted to know all about betty ford. >> mrs. ford was born in chicago, lived most of her life in grand rapids, michigan. >> she married jerry ford in 1948, two weeks before he was elected to congress. they raise add family that became america's first family, as regular as the neighbors next door. from the beginning, betty ford spoke her mind. >> i think it's time that the women step up and take their place. >> this first white house press conference terrified her, but it was nothing compared to what came seven weeks later. >> betty ford underwent surgery for breast cancer on saturday. >> dr. lukash has assured me she
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came through the operation all right. >> she openly and courageously faced breast cancer and a radical mastectomy inspiring countless women to get breast exams herself. she spoke out for women, campaigning actively for the equal rights amendment. >> hi should my husband's job, or yours, prevent us from being ourselves? >> i hear about that from betty virtually every night. >> she lobbied for a woman on the supreme court and publicly supported abortion rights. >> and in our own family, my dear wife, she differs substantially with me. >> but the president did listen. >> you have come a long, long way. >> she grew to love being first lady, a former professional dancer, she found plenty of opportunities to step out. and along the way, met some of
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the world's most interesting people. >> we're just good friends. >> betty ford is considered by many to be the president's biggest asset. >> when gerald ford lost the 1976 election, his voice gone, he turned to his wife to read his concession. >> real spokesman for the family, betty. >> the fords retired to california, only to confront another crisis. >> on friday, mrs. betty ford was released from hospital treatment for addiction to pain-killing drugs and alcohol. >> once again, by honestly and publicly facing a very personal problem, betty ford became a pioneering role model. >> having this happen to me has been the best thing in the world. i never felt better. >> she made recovery from substance abuse her mission -- co-founding the petty ford center in 1982. and helping untold thousands of
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people. >> i'm very, very proud of betty with her leadership at the betty ford center. >> betty ford faced perhaps her greatest challenge with the death of her husband in 2006, the closing chapter in an extraordinary 58-year marriage. all her life as first lady and long afterward, betty ford found the strength to face her challenges head on, giving countless others the courage to do the very same thing and that was her gift. >> i'm delighted that i could carry a message. i think that's what we're here on this earth for, to help others. >> brian williams, nbc news, new york. in an era when cancer and addiction were discussed in hushed tones, betty ford brought them front and center. joining us to talk about the impact of the first lady's impact on women's health is nancy schneiderman. good morning.
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>> hey, lester. >> extending my condolences, you knew the ford family and betty ford. >> her daughter susan and i became friends over the years. she was gracious to me. i interviewed her several times. >> this is a couple not in a million years expected to end up in the white house. >> right. >> how did that define her sense of humility? >> you remember when they moved into the white house and movers noticed the king sized bed was moved in. she said, yes, i sleep with my husband. and it was like, oh, tsk, we never talked about that before. that was the candor that she brought. >> that was the beginning of many conversations and many she wouldn't have wished on herself. the breast cancer diagnosis. >> right. >> it's hard to think back to the '70s. >> we didn't say that word on television. you wouldn't have heard the word breast and cancer was a secret diagnosis. it was hush-hush. you wouldn't talk about it to your friends and your neighborhoods. she made it part of a national dialogue. she said, look, this is what i
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have. this is what you should know. i would argue she's the first face of breast cancer that really allowed us to talk about the disease in scientific terms. and she was part of a movement. >> we didn't talk about it, but there was not a stigma attached to breast cancer. but there was and is to this day to addiction, alcohol and pill addiction. she came forward and said i've got this problem. >> she had not only pill addiction, but alcoholism. i talked to susan her daughter once. i said, what was that as a kid? and she said, you know, any other family, the ripple effect of children when you have a parent that's dealing with addiction but she had the bravery to say this is my struggle. i hurt my family. my family is supporting me. now i'm going to establish this center. but in her candor, when i did an hour-long special later about how other countries deal with alcoholism and that perhaps you can drink again after being diagnosed as an alcoholic, she disagreed and she wrote me a
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letter and said, dear nancy, i'm so disappointed in you. >> ouch. >> so it was like that mother who would sit across the table saying, i know you have your job and i have my job and i don't agree with what you just said. but with love and affection and strength and candor. and i think that's how we'll remember her, a modern-day eleanor roosevelt. >> an incredible life about a lot of important things. amy? lester, thank you so much. now to the economy and the bleak new jobs report just 18,000 jobs were added to the payroll in june. at the same time, the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. and those troubling figures are raising new questions about the recovery. steve liesman is cnbc's senior economics reporter. steve, good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> the jobs report caught a lot of people by surprise. many were forecasting a gain of 90,000 plus jobs. what happen? >> what happened is we had a slight strengthening in the economy in the last -- you see,
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the end of june, the beginning of july. some of the numbers have been good. we got this other report that tries to measure the national employment. and it showed that the economy gained 157,000 jobs. all of the companies raised the forecast. wall street rallied. a big bucket of cold water was poured on wall street and the economy with the lackluster jobs. >> the economy added an average of 215,000 jobs per month in the previous three months so the anticipation was there. and it showed a stand still in june. what is it about june, do we know what happen? >> it's not just june. they went back and revised downward the prior month. they thought they had 57,000 jobs in may. it turned out it was 25,000. they got rid of it -- they revised away 45,000 additional jobs. we think there have been temporary blips in the economy, the greek situation, storms all through the south you were reporting on. you've had high gas prices and a whole lot of other things have been happening and that caused
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the economy to come to a stand still and hiring come to a stand still in may and june. we hope that's the case. >> you want to bring up an important thing that a lot of people don't hear about. you call it the real unemployment rate, the ratio of unemployed, discouraged workers and people working part time because they can't find full time work. that number, 16.2%. >> because the report we have right now isn't depressing enough. broader measure of unemployment, how tough it is out there. on the unemployed, people who are diskourmged from looking for work and people working part time for economic reasons and they can't find fulltime jobs. that number is 16.2% of the population right now. >> retail sales did well in june. >> the only good news in this job report is if you ignore it. that's the only possible way to see any good. better data has come in the last couple of weeks.
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it's important that the jobs report missed that because it's done earlier in the month. retail sales numbers, better manufacturing numbers. so maybe this is the beginning, there's one little blip of news in the jobs report. we added 6,000 manufacturing jobs. maybe, maybe that's a sign the jobs will come back. i hope to come back next month with better news. >> we hope so too. thank you very much. now here's lester. in a picture-perfect takeoff friday, the space shuttle atlantis soared into orbit, a breath-taking sight. and it was the last mission. for the last time, with "atlantis" on pad 39-a, a farewell from the grounds crew that spent 30 years firing shuttle missions. >> greatest team in the world. >> like to fly one more time, mike, the great nation at its best, crew of the atlantis is
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ready to launch. >> liftoff -- the final liftoff of atlantis. >> at 1 1:29, the 135th shuttle mission thundered the florida coast on a resupply mission to the space station. while on the ground, three quarters of a million people gathered to witness stand history. >> wish them god speed and proud i've been able to see them go out. >> controversy continues to rage over whether america is surrendering its position as the world's space leader by ending the shuttle program before there's a spacecraft to replace it. >> i will tell you we're looking at a lost decade. >> a lost decade in space? >> that's what i think. >> it couldn't be farther from the truth. america has a bright future in space. president obama has committed this nation to moving forward to an asteroid and beyond to mars. >> still, some 9,000 people at the kennedy space center are losing their jobs, among them dean, who's worked on every
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mission dating back to 1979. >> not going to be able to say that anymore, but i can always say i did. and that they can't take from me. >> to make up for the 60,000 income he's losing, he's starting an ecotourism business, atlantis' ground crew offered a poetic, albeit silent good-bye. the commander offers a special tribute from space but they won't say what the tribute will be. meanwhile, the launch team got their own special tribute. jimmy buffet performed for them after the shuttle had cleared the tower. for today, tom costello, nbc news, cape canaveral. >> cool venue. >> little margaritaville never hurt anybody. >> in the morning. >> melissa, good morning.
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>> good morning, everyone. we begin in washington where the white house and congressional leaders are gearing up for rare weekend talks on the debt ceiling. mike is live at the white house with more. mike, good morning. we've entered a critical weekend here in washington, the default, the full faith and credit of the united states government hangs in the balance. the question is, will there be the so-called grand bargain that a lot of people are whispering about behind the scenes, a $4 trillion cut to this nation's deficit. do they have the votes to do that in congress is the question? do they have the time or it could all fall apart over the question of politics. the question is, will republicans allow spending in the tax code as they spend it here, or eliminated tax breaks and subsidies to some corporations and special interests in order to get that
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deal. melissa? >> thank you so much. >> the furor over casey anthony's akwital on charges she murdered her 2-year-old daughter has new legislation considered. kay lee's law would make it a felony if parents or care givers don't report a child under 12 missing after 48 hours. casey refuse add jailhouse visit from her mother. more coming up in the next hour of "today". it's not often to say this, but today a new nation is born -- the celebrations began at midnight in south sudan, the world's newest country. the 2005 peace deal after decades of civil war between north and south made way for today's independence declaration. ceremonies are taking place in the capital of djuba. prince william and princess catherine arrive in tinseltown on friday night. they got in a tech state of mind taking part in a capital and new media summit. off to the british consulate
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general's home for a reception where they hob knobbed with the likes of fellow brit david beckham. what they have planned for today. what a great dress. back over to lester, amy, and bill. >> it's about clothes. >> i was going to say the same thing. >> what dress? >> i can't help it. >> bill karins is here. a check of the forecast. triple digit heat. >> big shot to everyone in the southern half of the country. it's the big story. this story won't end. it's every week after week. the spring now through the summer. the heat is just really, really intense, from wichita to oklahoma all the way down to north texas. look at the 100-degree days. in oklahoma city, 19 days, 100 degrees, that's more than las va kbas. out in the desert. it showings you how exceptional the drought has been and the heat. yesterday it was 105 in dallas, 104 today. relief in the southeast with
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afternoon storms. here's a look at our temperatures this morning waking up to mostly 50s outside. we do have a pretty good sea freeze blasting into fairfield. southwest winds at 26. even inland. as the sea breeze kicks up, our companies are going to start to drop down. a little bit more than yesterday. we should see highs in the 70s to maybe close to 80 in san jose. cool for san francisco and the coast. highs will only be in the low 60s today. we'll see cool temperatures on the coast to wrap up the weekend with spotty areas of drizzle as well. cool temperatures early next week. the northern plains looking at temperatures a little hot and humid with some storms. that's the weekend forecast, amy. bill, thank you. with a passion for plus-sized and full figured women is growing little rally from everyday clothing to intimate apparel to denim. it's a very 17 billion a year business. we take a special look at big
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and beautiful women. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, this is a very exciting series because there's many big and beautiful women in this country. >> and this is a week-long series. you say it's about helping women embrace their curves rather than fight them, go on the fad diets and kill themselves literally. >> specials focus on diet and kperp size, it's great. unrealistic sometimes. not everyone can go down to a size 4. you have to have an attitude adjustment and learn to love your curves. there's beauty in voluptuous women and many men agree. this is what we're focusing on. >> this is airing on telemundo. this is not just spanish women. this is a worldwide issue. why is the series so important to do. >> it's important for everybody in the country. for us hispanics, we consider ourselves part of the country. in this country, 2 out of every 3 women are overweight. millions of women. the average size in this country
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is a size 14. the average woman weighs 162 pounds. so what we're doing is trying to teach them to love themselves as they are and start to feel secosexy with new looks. >> you try to help women rework their look. one of the first ways is hair style. >> if you do the right hair style, you can cut your hair in an angle and your face looks slimmer. we have undergarments that the right shape wear, it can be flattery and be a sexy look under your clothes. it can enhance the curves in the right places. if you pick out what's your body type, you can pick the right one. >> clothing and accessories helps. >> in the hispanic world, and i'm sure in the u.s. many women feel the same way, some women love to have tight necklaces, it's in fashion. even at times, the fashion doesn't go with you, so you have
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to wear longer hanging necklaces that make you look longer and thinner. >> and earrings can do the same thing with your neck. >> absolutely. the same thing happens with shoes. they're strappy sandals are in fashion. if you're overweight or small and you look at them, your legs look shorter. it's a visual effect. >> thank you so much. you can watch the big and beautiful series on al rojo vivo at 4:00 central. >> there you go. >> the phone hacking scandal leads to the arrest of the former top aide of the british prime minister. but first, this is "today" on nbc. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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>> there you go. still to come on "today," the casey anthony saga continues. how she refused a jailhouse visit from her mother.
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plus, william and kate's california adventure. how the red carpet has been rolled out for the royal couple. but first, these messages.
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good morning to you. a live look at san francisco this morning. a little bit of fog to start the morning. a cooling trend in the forecast. thanks for joining us. i'm chris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. i don't mind cool because i have yard work to do. >> it will be good for that. it won't get too hot around the bay area. you saw the view from san francisco. we have low clouds pushed inland by a healthy sea breeze. 50s right now. you can see the strong sea breeze this morning. fairfield southwest wind at 26 miles per hour. the cool marine air all of the way in practically to sacramento
5:27 am
this morning. we don't have to worry about rain for the weekend but you may find mist or drizzle along the coast as the marine layer deepens for the weekend. upper 70s to near 80 in san jose. your weekend is going to look fairly cool. especially on the coast. we're talking clouds, misty skies on the coast and 70s to low 80s inland. if you have to do yard work, that forecast looks good for you. no hot temperatures anywhere around the bay area. >> that's good. thank you very much. police in santa cruz are searching for two alleged sexual predators. take a look. these are the sketches they sent to us showing two men suspected of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy on santa cruz's municipal wharf thursday night. they are described as white their late 20s. anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff. in the east bay this morning, a fund-raiser for a missing student will help fund the ongoing search.
5:28 am
family and friends of michelle le enjoined an opportunity to dine with community supporters at a community event yesterday. 20% of all sales will be donated to the search effort. we first reported when le f vanished on may 27th in hayward. >> it just keeps getting harder and harder but we have to stay focused and we have to stay positive that she's out there and that she's alive. >> the amount of money raised during that day-long event is still being tallied. the le family says they will also organize a car wash fund-raiser at that restaurant on july 29th. glide memorial church will honor a former san francisco leader today and will honor california state attorney general with the legacy award. the award is for her work in improving local communities.
5:29 am
the second annual glide legacy gala will be held at 7:00. we'll have the latest on a search for a gunman in the east bay and other local stories for you. more news in 30 minutes.
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we are back on this saturday morning, july 9, 2011, after a night of torrential rains which have had a few times. it's a great crowd who came out to enjoy finally some great new york weather. our thanks to them for coming out to spend part of their saturday morning with us. we're going to set out to say hi in a bit. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. we're going to be talking about the future for casey anthony. >> this conversation continues for days after the verdict. people across the country continuing on this saga days after the bombshell verdict.
5:31 am
she is about to go free, a week next sunday, in fact. yesterday a new bombshell as she refused to see her mother, cindy, for a jailhouse visit. the story continues. the late nest a bit. a story that's getting a lot of attention here in new york, it's hard to believe someone threw that little kitten out of a car while driving on the new york verazano bridge. the tallest bridge in the world. someone rescued the kitty on the roadway. the kitten is okay. adoption requests are pouring in from celebrities to politicians. we're going to meet the kitten. there it is in just a few moments. >> it's called the verazano narrows bridge -- it's a narrow escape. william and kate are in sunny california, historic visit for her and one that has tom hanks and nicole kidman attending a bash in their honor. william will play in a polo match today. what else is in store for the royals?
5:32 am
a preview in a few minutes. >> we've got a lot to get to. but we want to begin with the widening phone hacking scandal out of britain, employees in a newspaper accessed voice mails of a murder victim, widows of fallen soldiers, celebrities, and hundreds of other people. the newspaper at the center of the scandal will close down, but that could be the tip of the iceberg. we're in london with the latest on a all of this. good morning. >> good morning, amy. one newspaper here is asking whether this is britain's watergate. the story that began with a feud by a few journalists now enveloping one of the world's most powerful men. >> reporter: the scandal that brought down one of the best selling newspapers threatens to damage more of the media empire, rupert murdoch will fly into the uk. his own son, james murdock, could face prosecution. yesterday, two top employees were arrested, an editor who
5:33 am
once served as the prime minister's communication director and a reporter who served prison time in 2007 when victims included celebrities and members of the royal family. the claim, that people's privacy was invaded. their cell phone voice mails listened to, described as phone hacking. britain's prime minister vowing, no stone will be left unturned. >> that these people could have had their phones hacked into in order to generate stories for a newspaper is simply disgusting. >> among the 4,000 potential phone hacking victims whose names or numbers have now been turned over to the police, families tony phillipson just found out that his son, james, who died in afghanistan in 2006 may have had not only his cell phone tapped into by the news of the world, but also his e-mail. >> they hacked into a dead soldier. this is despicable.
5:34 am
what else can you say? what on earth do they think they're going to find. >> in the words of the prime minister, people trust the police to protect them, politicians to represent them, and the press to inform them. and, he says, the british public has been failed by all three. and, amy, this storiens to spread, to spread to the united states where one of the most senior executives now runs dow jones in new york but used to run this operation and possibly to spread to other newspapers. it's no exaggeration to say it threatens british tabloid journalism as we know it. thanks for the latest. time now with a check of your weekend weather with bill karins out on the plaza for us. good morning, bill? good morning, amy. we wait our whole lives for certain things. you waited your whole life to do what? >> to come to new york city. >> and who's this person next to you? oh. >> courtney. >> is that yourister? >> yes. >> very nice, very helpful.
5:35 am
let's talk about the forecast and what we're dealing with out there. this is one of the biggest beach weekends of the year. temperatures are warm on the gulf as you expect. the northeast coastline, we're warming up for the folks in cape cod and martha's vineyard. in the west coast, the temperatures are cool, san diego to l.a., the beach temperatures getting warm enough for you to enjoy. the forecast in the southeast, that's where we're dealing with showers and storms, it's warm and bea speaking of beach weather, we have the fog from the coast that spilled inland this morning. might find mist along the coast or the peninsula as low clouds spill inland. warmest places probably seeing 70s top low to mid 80s out by the tri-valley but even that is cooler than yesterday. cool 60 for san francisco. 50s along the coast for today and this trend of cooler temperatures especially inland is going to follow us into early
5:36 am
next week. temperatures running below average. today in seattle. around 73. this caught my eye. we say hi to our friends in rifle, colorado. i know a lot of geography, where's rifle, colorado. >> on the western slope of colorado up in the mown tauntai >> not near machine gun, kansas then? that's not a real town. don't look that up. still to come, the cat's meow. thrown out of a car in a bridge and rescued by a driver who saw it all happen. we'll meet verazano the kitten, live. but first, "horrible bosses," a new comedy that makes fun of the topic. no laughing matter. we'll tell you how to deal. but first, these messages. what'd you use? every project we finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing.
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[ female announcer ] iams premium protection. our most advanced iams nutrition. ever. [ dog ] i am an iams dog. ♪ woof. the new movie "horrible bosses" pokes fun at a common complaint for a lot of americans but jokes aside being bullied by an outof control manager is nothing to laugh at. >> crush you any time i want. >> the film chronicles the struggles of three friends with horrible bosses. it plagues their work place bosses. >> oh -- >> takes it disgruntled employee to extremes. >> our lives would be easier if our bosses weren't alive. >> you can fire her. >> hank. >> everyone has a story about a bad boss. >> i had a horrible boss recently. >> always yelling and screaming at me. you know, i just walk in. >> horrible bosses can turn a
5:40 am
dream job into a nightmare. >> your boss affects completely affects your work experience. >> but with an unemployment rate of 9.2%, trouble with the boss may not be an employee's biggest concern. >> the economic climate the way that it is, the employees are more likely to put up with some nonsense that in the past they may not have. >> job demands have increased dramatically. people feel they have to work harder, they have to work faster. >> who hasn't had a horrible boss? i just need to know. i think we all have. at one point. >> it's a universal theme that's been mimed by hollywood in movies like "the devil wears prada". >> your incompetence does not interest me. >> the tv show like "the simpsons". >> but sir -- >> experts say movies like "horrible bosses" can be the start of a conversation. >> if you can step back and laugh, that always helps.
5:41 am
>> and maybe help some bosses become a little less horrible to workers. >> running a business is never easy. but it's important to try to remember in the hardest times and the most stressful moments that they are trying to do their best for you. >> what should you do if you have a horrible boss? with us now, psychotherapist robbie ludwig and ron kurs, aol small business executive editor. welcome to both of you. >> you in the movie? >> i think i will see it. i've had wonderful bosses, including the ones i have here. we'll talk about that in a minute. but let's talk first about -- let me ask you, what's the difference between a demanding boss that gets under your skin and abusive boss. >> we were talking a little bit at the break. the basketball coach, bobby knight, a hall of fame coach, screamer, yeller, demands the best of his players. as you saw in the case of bobby knight, it can cross the line. there's sexual harassment, verbal harassment. the hr department is there for a reason if you think it's crossed the line, maybe take it to them.
5:42 am
>> we know about the hr department. but here's the deal, unemployment, 9.2% right now. a lot of people think it's not a good time to stir things up and go after the boss. >> it's true. you always want to work with the person that is in charge of you and make the most out of the situation. if you feel it's really bad, assume your boss country know that you're upset with them. and have a conversation. and maybe you can turn things around then. >> but you have to -- you have to discern whether this is personal or business, they're coming after you, right? >> yes, but you know sometimes people have bad personalities and they don't know how to handle power. they don't realize they're not bringing the most out of you and your work life. >> it doesn't end up in the corner office. >> yeah. >> and you know the deal, you get a bad boss, what do people do? they go to the water cooler and talk about what you did here and -- one of the pieces of advice you have is don't go negative. >> it's tough. we're emotional. we're tied at our work. we spend more time at our job than our families. you can't go negative,
5:43 am
especially to small companies, the ones i cover. it travels so quickly by the water cooler or the virtual water cooler, facebook and twitter, it's going to have to get back to them somehow. you have to be careful. >> you want to do your best anyway. you want to ask yourself, are you bringing your best game, are you doing your best job regardless of how good your boss is. >> you want to keep the moral high ground. >> you want to make sure you're not burning any bridges and your ripation is strong in case you really like the company. >> and sometimes you think of the boss as the grown-up. they should be more responsible. it's on you. >> what about developing a relationship with the boss? i'm not talking about buddy-buddy. but a little flattery, a little personal talk. how are the kids? >> ill like your outfit. >> your favorite sports team, if they're a yankees fan. hey, i hate to say it, but bosses are human too. they may not seem like it. compliments, like that. you don't want to seem like you're kissing up in an obvious way, being proactive, trying to take on more responsibility is
5:44 am
going to resonate with the boss. >> here's a good compliment, you can let your boss know when they're on the right track with you. you can say, you know what, when you gave me the five minutes to sit down with me and tell me how i did well on the project, that worked so well for me. so you're reinforcing their style that brings out your best work on the job. that's a good way to compliment your boss and help them work with you in the proper way as well. >> i mentioned the 9.2% unemployment. but our bosses have bosses. a it some point we have to sit back and realize, okay, they're getting their own kind of pressure. >> it makes sense to be wise and see the bigger picture and realize that your boss also has pressures. and they're going to be on the line too. if somebody is really behaving outrageously bad, their time will probably come too. and then maybe what you need to do is look to other people outside of your boss for mentoring or to get that positive reinforcement if it isn't coming from your boss, which it may not, then find it
5:45 am
maybe from other people in the company or outside in your personal life. >> you two going to go see the movie? >> we might go after this. the matinee. >> maybe some popcorn. good to have you both here. up next, nine lives, one lucky kitten saved after being tossed from a car. we'll talk to the man who saved him after these messages. good morning! ♪ [ female announcer ] nutri-grain -- one good decision... ♪ ...can lead to another. ♪ ♪ with real fruit, more of the whole grains your body needs, and a good source of fiber. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day.
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5:47 am
hershey's bliss. one square inch of indulgence... joy... pleasure. one square inch of extra smooth, rich chocolate. hershey's bliss. image if any you're driving on one of the tallest bridges in the world, when all of a sudden, someone in a car in front of you
5:48 am
throws a kitten out of the window. that's what happened earlier this week to brenden o'casio who saw it unfold on the verrazano bridge which connects brooklyn and staten island. he happens to be an animal control officer, he was there to save the little kitten. he joins us here in the studio along with julie banks director of the new york city animal care and control. good morning to all of you. brenden, i know you ear holding verrazano. how is he doing? >> great, he's doing great. >> he's in foster care right now. one of our wonderful volunteers is taking care of him and says he's a perfect little kitten. >> i would second that. you were there. you're the one who rescued verrazano from the verrazano bridge. tell us what happen? >> right before my eyes, i noticed someone was discarding something out of the window. i looked, there's a four-foot median on guardrail. he clipped the top of the
5:49 am
median, could have went over, so when he came back down, he turned toward me and he was heading toward me. so i moved out of the way and i look in the mir row and he started heading east, i was heading west. so i tried to safely stop my vehicle, my strobe light, my roof lights, no pun intended, i exited the vehicle and where i thought was his point of impact, he wasn't there. so a carroll rolled up next to and said he's heading to brooklyn. >> so you got him? >> yeah. >> you've had a tremendous amount of calls. everyone wants to adopt verraza verrazano. >> it's been amazing the amount of support people have been giving. people want donations, want to adopt him. could be a great ambassador for the others because we have tons of kitties like him waiting for a home.
5:50 am
>> how are you going to decide, though? >> it's going to be really, really rough. high-profile people came forward and wanted him. pet owners, a couple hundred applications. we'll go through them diligently and find the perfect family. >> we said this earlier, who could throw a little kitten off of a bridge. it makes most people physically ill. do we have any idea who the perpetrator might be? >> i spoke to several port authority officers, apparently this happens a lot. it happens a lot. >> it's something never to do. the shelters are open to help animals like this. bring an animal to an animal shelter rather than do anything like this. it's no okay. >> it's illegal. >> you can put up a reward for any information on it. anybody who knows anything or anybody interested in helping this little guy can e-mail us and we'd love to have the tip. >> hi, baby. who could hurt this little kitty. thank you so much.
5:51 am
verrazano, thank you so much too. and you can e-mail the new york city animal care and control center for more information on adopting verrazano and other pets, we mentioned there are a few who need a home. we're back, but first this, is "today" on nbc.
5:52 am
5:53 am
. still to come on "today," betty ford, she was an inspiration, courageous, and outspoken. the remarkable life of the former first lady whose triumph over drug and alcohol addiction be acameco bfnea oop ae for many addicts. but first, these messages.
5:54 am
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made from carefully selected oats that c help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ good morning to you. live look at oakland. foggy to start the day. it will be a cool day. if you have errands or what not, it should be comfortable. i'm liking your forecast, my friend. >> if you have to be outside doing yard work perhaps or a few other things, maybe more fun stuff outside for outdoor plans, it will be comfortable when we lose the clouds. we do have fog pushed in by a strong sea breeze. good air quality today. here's the pattern. a trough hung up across the pacific northwest that will keep
5:57 am
the sea breeze going today and tomorrow which means far inland you'll see low 80s today around places like pleasanton and livermore but much cooler for the coast. we'll see temperatures going from the 50s through 8:00 to staying close to 60 for high temperatures today around san francisco. notice inland spots. san jose close to 80. low 80s around livermore and pleasanton. 85 in gilroy. upper 60s around oakland. the forecast as we wrap up the weekend will trend cooler with drizzle coming back to the morning forecast even for the first half of next week. the inland temperatures mid 70s. cool for this time of year. >> no kidding. thank you very much. a concord woman whose home was burglarized is pleading for the return of her mother's ashes. she says when a burglar ransa ransacked her bedroom tuesday morning the thief took a white container holding the ashes of her late mother who passed away in 2008. she plans to spread the ashes along her mother's favorite hiking trail. >> to me the value is not
5:58 am
monetary or sentimental. i just want her back so she's not dumped by the wayside. i hope that someone who robbed me knows there's no monetary value to them and that they would hopefully try to return her. >> her neighbors' home was also burglarized on the same day. if you have any information about either break in, you are asked to call concord police. city leaders and police officers will hold the city's gun buyback program. you will get $100 american express gift card. these are pictures from last year's gun buyback event that began after the accidental shooting death of a 2-year-old boy by a 12 year old who found a rifle in the garage. the program offers a safe venue and incentive for people to remove unwanted guns from their homes. today's buyback is from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 in the
5:59 am
afternoon at the east palo alto government center. coming up on today in the bay, a day at the theme park turns deadly. the latest on a roller coaster death at a theme park. more local news coming up in just 30 minutes.
6:00 am
i was an ordinary woman called on stage at an extraordinary time. i'm delighted that i can carry a message. i think that's what we're here on this earth for to help others. if you can, you ought to do it. >> betty ford had a larger role than first lady. a role model, a mother who used her breast cancer and fight with addiction to help so many people. in an era when it was discussed in hushed tones, she shared specifics and opened up the dialog
6:01 am
dialogue. welcome back. i'm lester holt with amy robach. >> we heard remarkable words. she was truly a remarkable woman. we're remembering betty ford who died friday at the age of 93. coming up, more on her life and legacy. >> the continuing saga of casey anthony. eight days to go before she's released of jail. the florida mother acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, will walk out of jail sunday. her release comes as more and more states are trying to pass laws name in caylee's honor. more on the saga coming up. >> the royal reception -- the duke and duchess of cambridge in southern california this morning. a star-studded weekend for the pair. prince william is playing polo later today. and he and princess catherine will be toasted at a glitzy hollywood dinner. more on the visit. >> you have to think at some point they want to kick their heels up on a beach and be left alone. >> that's the problem. >> it doesn't come with the
6:02 am
role. let's start with the story of betty ford who died friday at the annual ge of 93. nancy reagan admired ford's facing and sharing her struggles with all of us. ford was a towering figure for so many people. we have more on her life and accomplishments. in the world of politics, being honest and outspoken is not always considered an asset. >> i assume you're registered to vote. >> reporter: those made her a legend, first for talking about breast cancer, then addiction. >> sometimes these things turn out to be positive instead of a negative. >> reporter: such courage and independence would define her life. joined elizabeth ann bloomer, a model, a fashion executive, and
6:03 am
a modern dancer who was divorced when she met john ford in 1957. they married and two weeks later, she found herself in washington a congressional wife. she raised four chirp and was as surprised as her husband when president richard nixon picked ford to be his vice president. eight months later, president nixon resigned over watergate and the fords moved into the white house. betty ford may have been the accidental first lady, but she immediately moved her mark. >> i do not believe that being first lady should prevent me from expressing my ideas. >> she openly discussed her support for the equal rights amendment. >> era america. >> and abortion rights. >> the supreme court made the ruling and the supreme court is the law of our land. >> i certainly hope -- >> she was direct, even when
6:04 am
asked if her teenage children might have used drugs. >> and i said, i really don't know, but i imagine they have experimented. well, not only the public were shocked, but my children were shocked. so i didn't always please the family. >> reporter: nevertheless, her husband supported her, even when his advisors did not. >> i think we perhaps had some discussions after i had said a few things. and discussed whether it was appropriate or not. and he did say, i want you to be yourself. >> she did just that -- her reverent style redefined what it meant to be first lady and her candor made her a hero. first she went public with her own breast cancer. >> women who would never, never have gone for a mammogram now were lined up. >> then after the fords left the
6:05 am
white house, her family noticed she was drinking more and had become addicted to prescription drugs. they organized an intervention. >> it's the best thing that could have happened to me. it was not easy for them to tell me that i was letting them down, that i had disappointed them. >> once again, betty ford faced her problem publicly. she went through rehabilitation, but wanted to do more. in 1982, she co-founded the betty ford center and is often called the god mother of recovery for changing the face of addiction. >> i've had women say i never could have addressed my alcoholism because of the stigma associated with a woman alcoholic if you hasn't come out and said you were an alcoholic. >> her class and dignity were evident to the end, as was her devotion to her family and her love for the man who liked to call himself betty ford's
6:06 am
husband. independent, forthright, brave, betty ford took unexpected political prominence and used it to help others through her own remarkable example. >> i'm delighted that i could carry a message. i think that's what we're here on this earth for, to help others. and if you can, you ought to do it. >> it was nbc's jamie gangel on a full life of someone who made a tremendous impact of this country. >> i like nancy schneiderman described her, a modern day eleanor roosevelt. >> very fitting. >> melissa francis is at the newsdesk with more of the top stories. good morning. good morning to you, good morning, everyone. it's a working weekend in the nation's capital as congressi congressional leaders will meet with president obama in hopes of finally hashing out a deal on the debt ceiling. mike vicara is live at the white
6:07 am
house with more. mike, good morning. we're entering a critical weekend here in washington. in the balance is a default on the u.s. government debt. the full faith and credit of this country. what some are calling a possible economic catastrophe that could spread worldwide. staff has been working over the past two days this weekend, all leading up to sunday night when congressional leaders will be back here at the white house to meet with the president. he's asked them to bring the bottom line proposals, the sticking points for democrats, any changes whatsoever to social security and medicare for republicans, and any sense that the tacks are being raised in any way, shape, or form on the table. $4 trillion in cuts, as much as $4 trillion in cuts. melissa, you know, the national debt in this country, $14.3 trillion, melissa. >> and counting. a disappointing jobs report shows unemployment rose last month. according to the labor department, unemployment climbed 9.2% in june. employers added a meager 18,000 jobs last month.
6:08 am
and the shuttle "atlantis" is spending the first full day in orbit after blasting off to the history books. friday's liftoff marking nasa's final space shuttle launch ever. the four astronauts are heading to the international space station with four tons of supplies. nasa's 30-year shuttle program is ending to pursue a new path to space exploration. >> oh the man who claimed to be a rockefeller faced a judge friday on murder charges. christian gerharder is charged with murdering his landlord 26 years ago. he's serving a sentence in massachusetts for kidnapping his daughter. it's happened again. someone has died in a ride in an amusement park, this at park resort in new york. an iraq war veteran who lost his legs was thrown from the 200-foot-tall ride of steel coaster. the ride is closed while the
6:09 am
investigation continues. last month, an 11-year-old fell out of a ferris wheel at a new jersey amusement park. finally, a battle is brewing over a farrah faucet portrait. it's an andy warhol original. the university of texas is suing her long-time companion ryan o'neill for the portrait. the actress deeded two warhol portraits made of her and other artwork to the university, o'neill's attorney denies the claim. now back over to lester and amy. >> melissa, thanks. bill karins is outside on the plaza with a check of your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we have many goals. entertain, educate. let's add rock to sleep. who's this little one. >> this is mark. >> they say that you should be sleeping with the baby sleeps. >> that is true. but that's not always possible. >> how old is he? >> 5 months. >> congratulations. very cute. we won't wake him. we'll be quiet. let's talk about what's
6:10 am
happening forecastwise. the heat is dangerous. the humidity is up. that's what's change in the last 24 to 48 hours. little rock to kansas city. look at the heat index in tulsa. 107 is how it feels in memphis. today, hot, tomorrow, it will be worse. stay in the shade. be careful with the we're seeing a cooling trend around the bay area today. lots of low clouds. highs only near 60. lower 70s for hayward. so the trend of morning clouds and afternoon sunshine will continue to wrap up the weekend. marine layer thickens up and we'll wake up to areas of mist and drizzle. inland temperatures only in the 70s. cooler. who's in san francisco? we had people who came from san francisco to join us.
6:11 am
let's head back inside to amy. bill, thank you. coming up next, casey anthony will be released from prison next week. where will she go? what happened when her mother tried to see her in jail. that after these messages. th thn of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you by asking your rheumatologist about humira. for many adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis humira has been proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira's use in patients with ra has been evaluated in multiple studies during the past 14 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur such as, infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer,
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6:14 am
for the last three years, casey anthony is behind bars. days after she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, caylee, casey is about to walk out a free woman. what will await her? nbc's kerry sanders has more. behind the razor wire at this florida jail, casey anthony is serving her final days as a convicted criminal. >> i will adjudge you to be guilty of those counts. >> on thursday, the judge sentenced casey to four years in jail for lying to police. but with time already served, she'll be free in little over a week. >> right now, get out of my way. >> on friday, casey's mother, cindy, tried to visit her in the jail. but the 25-year-old said no. >> when she walks out of jail, security is the big concern. >> justice for kay lee! >> emotions are running high. people outraged at the jury's decision to acquit her on charges she murdered her
6:15 am
2-year-old daughter, caylee. >> i think most people believe that she did, in fact, do it. >> and there's anger that the investigation to caylee's disappearance cost the state of florida so much time and money, more than $1 million. >> we paid the tax money for these false searches. we're left with the bill. >> prosecutors want casey anthony to pay some of those costs with any money she may now make from her new-found notoriety. >> we're calling it caylee's law. >> florida lawmakers are calling for new legislation. to keep what happened to caylee from ever happening again. they want to make it a crime if a parent fails to report a missing child to police within 48 hours. casey anthony waited 31 days to report her daughter missing. >> had this been in place before the caylee anthony disappearance that casey anthony would not be walking out of that jail next week, she would be a felon in the state of florida under what we're proposing.
6:16 am
>> it's unclear, if she stays here, the same orange county sheriff's office that arrested her will now have to protect her from so much anger. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, orlando. casey anthony did not testify her trial. but now with her release imminent, will she talk about the case? joining us is beth karas, a correspondent for "in session" on tv and a former prosecutor. and janet taylor, thanks for joining us. beth, if i can start with you, is there any chance -- we're focused on next sunday for her release, is there any chance that casey anthony could walk out before then? >> yes. absolutely. in fact, many people are speculating that this is a decoy date, the 17th. i don't know for sure. i think the 17th could be the
6:17 am
day. they could get her out in the early morning hours any time after midnight and sneak her out also so that people in the media who will be taking out all sorts of exits at the jail will miss it. it's a huge compound. and it may be easy to miss. >> let me ask janet. two days after the verdict, we see casey in court, her hair down, she's smiling. obviously at this point now, she knows she's going to be getting out of jail soon. let me ask you, this is someone to whom lying clearly comes easy. do people like her tend to believe their own lies? what does that mean in the days going forward? will she be able to sleep at night despite at the minimum making some very horrible choices with regard to her daughter's disappearance. >> she slept for 31 days without reporting her daughter missing. she's able to function despite these horrible alleged missing, you know, activities of her daughter. so she'll be able to sleep, she'll be able to function.
6:18 am
clearly she has a propensity for denial and an ability to detach her own emotions from what's right. >> a lot of people unhappy with the verdict. is that going to force her to at some point talk in some form or fashion, give an interview, talk to a reporter. >> she will talk to a reporter, but he'll have to really carefully scrutinize what she says in terms of her ability to lie and distance herself from the truth. if she's completely honest, which is unlikely, then it will be a miracle. >> beth, because of live tv coverage and social media, i think all of us got to play prosecutor, defense attorney, juror in this case. yet, there was such a disconnect between the real jury's verdict and the court of public opinion. do -- is there a disconnect with how people understand the criminal justice system and the -- the burden of proof? >> well, you know, lester, i think no. i think this case is different from others because of florida's
6:19 am
public records law. 25,000 pages of discovery were released, not just to the defense. but to the public. so the public knows a lot more about this family, the circumstances. casey anthony, than the jury did. so the public was able to be a little -- be investigators, along with the police, for the past three years. and it outrages many people. they feel -- they know more than the jury. they feel that this was an injustice because she was come police it at some level. we do need to respect the jury's verdict. the evidence was what it was in front of the jury and the defense did a good job. >> i suppose the defense could have given her probation. did he in many ways do a favor for her. when she's finished sunday or whatever it is, she's done with the system, right? the criminal system? >> correct. there was a previous drug, stan strickland, who gave her a year probation if she's acquitted to murder to be served out in the
6:20 am
community after she's acquitted of murder. it was a big if that perhaps people didn't think was going to happen. but apparently, because of the wording of the order, or the way it was entered by the clerk, there was a snafu. and that probation term -- it expired while she was still in jail. it's counterintuitive to think of serving probation while in jail, the definition of probation is you're out in the community. but she's not going to be on probation because of that. >> a quick thought from janet. cindy anthony tried to visit her daughter in jail and was refused. talk very quickly about the healing of that family and if it's possible. >> it's indicative of the dynamic in that family at a time when her mother is reaching out to her, they could use each other. it's going to be extremely difficult. but the one unifying factor will be the loss of little caylee. if they can start from that point to try to find some common ground to heal, not that they have to have an ongoing relationship, but understand the significance of that loss, that
6:21 am
may be a good starting point for both of them. >> with the whole country continuing to watch that process. thanks to both of you for joining us this morning. appreciate it. back in a moment. but first this, is "today" on nbc. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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still to come on "today," the royal couple in california and new details of their star-studded trip. >> music masters, the women of rock 'n' roll. but first, these messages. nicoderm steps you down from nicotine gradually. doubling your chance for success. nicoderm cq. three steps, ten weeks and you're free. [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé. real delicious and made just for you. ♪ buy your perk online for $100 and redeem it at a design center for $400
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6:26 am
a live look at san francisco. a gray and foggy start to the morning. misty too. thank you for joining us. nice and cool. >> misty. san francisco. exactly. it's going to be staying pretty cool there throughout the day. we have all of the low clouds all of the way on the east side of the bay. oakland, 53. you can see 50s pretty much across the board except 61 around sunnivayvale. southwest winds at 26 miles an hour around fairfield. temperatures around the bay area are calling for only 60 in san
6:27 am
francisco. places on the coast may not break out the sunshine for this weekend. 67 in oakland. upper 70s to near 80 in san jose. 76 for petaluma. a nice blend of temperatures but going from 60s on the coast to 90s inland is going away. temperatures inland really cooling off as those low clouds thicken up early next week. highs inland 70s. 50s around the beaches as we wrap up the weekend. quite cool around the bay area. >> happy summer. thank you very much. police in santa cruz are searching for two alleged sexual predators. these are sketches that san jose police gave to us. two men suspected of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy on the municipal wharf. police say the assault happened outside a public restroom just after 8:00 in the evening. anyone with information is asked to call the santa cruz county sheriff. in the eastbound a fund-raiser for a missing nursing student will help fund that ongoing search for her.
6:28 am
family and friends of michelle le enjoyed an outpouring of support during an event at a steakhouse yesterday. sizzler restaurants will donate 20% of all sales for that search effort. we first reported when le vanished on may 27th during her break at the medical center in hayward. >> it just keeps getting harder and harder but we have to stay focused and we have to stay positive that she's out there and that she's alive. >> the amount of money raised during the day-long event is still being tallied but the family also tells us they are organizing a car wash fund-raiser at that same restaurant location for later this month. glide memorial church will honor a former san francisco leader today. it will honor the state attorney general with the cecil williams award. the award is for her work in improving local communities. the second annual glide legacy gala will be held at san
6:29 am
francisco's regency ball room starting tonight at 7:00. >> coming up, the latest on the overnight search in a gunman in the east bay and all top stories and adoptable pet as well coming up at 7:00. we hope you will join us then.
6:30 am
what a day. we're back on this saturday morning, july 9, 2011. it's bright and sunny. a cool breeze. a picture perfect morning here in new york. a terrific summer crowd as well. thank them for coming out and spending their morning with us. outside on the plaza, amy robach. coming up, taking america by storm. >> after a neat trip up in canada, prince william and princess catherine have arrive in the u.s. as part of their whirlwind trip to north america. they're in the l.a. area this weekend. they'll attend a star-studded dinner, they will dazzle the
6:31 am
crowd with a polo match, william will, and head to california in a few minutes to find out the latest on the trip. >> hear it for the girls, women who rock. ground-breaking singers from the '50s all the way up to lady gaga. i was given a tour of the exhibit. i spoke to darlene love who's inducted to the hall of fame as well. great story coming up. >> travel and how to do it on the cheap. not so much from the air fares but in terms of the luggage. how to pack, how to avoid some of the checked baggage fees and the hassle of -- you land and wait 30 minutes for your luggage. we're going the talk about some of the better carry-on ideas. >> that's if you show up. mine gets lost. >> there's that. >> a lot to get to. a check from the weather from bill karins on the plaza with us. >> good morning. beautiful gorgeous weather in the mid atlantic the northeast. they're brother and sister, cousins, where are you from? >> arkansas.
6:32 am
>> littleton, massachusetts. >> gorgeous day in massachusetts. little too hot in arkansas. take you through the weekend for the most part. showers and thunderstorms in many areas in the southeast late today. this morning, dry as you would expect, showers up there in minnesota. be careful ahead of that front. slight risk of severe storms. tomorrow, that same area will see afternoon storms. i don't think anyone is going to get washed out this weekend. it's a nice summer weekend in so many areas. for most of the bay area this morning around inner bay and coast low clouds and misty skies to get the day started. we'll hang onto those clouds even around the peninsula throughout the day today as a reason for high temperatures around san francisco and the coast will only be in the 50s to near 60. mid 60s around oakland. 70s for fremont and low 80s san jose southward into morgan hill. low 80s inland toward the tri-valley.
6:33 am
seven-day forecast shows a stronger sea breeze to wrap up the weekend with more morning clouds and mist and temperatures inland only in the 70s. warm. they're all treating their moms. welcome, here. if you want your hour-by-hour forecast, get it at lester? hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for prince william and princess catherine. her first trip to america and the town and all of the stars are making sure it will be a memorable one. peter alexander joins us from los angeles with more on the royal couple's west coast visit. >> good morning. catherine can say she's a california girl, arriving here for her first ever trip to the united states with, of course, her husband, the prince in tow. they will come here to santa barbara for the sport of kings, polo. the prince, william, will be playing and katherine is the one handing out the trophy. >> attractive, young, and
6:34 am
glamorous, william and kate stepped out on american soil friday in the city synonymous with celebrity. the first gift, a flora bouquet in red, white, and blue. for start, the future king and queen were given hollywood's royal treatment, the motorcade's movements tracked from the sky. and on the ground at every stop, fans showed up to get a glimpse. >> we're fascinated with her. she's perfect in our eyes. >> their three-day trip will blend business with pleasure, a private sunday brunch raising money for one of the prince's passions, the conservation of african wild life. >> he has a very genuine concern for the environment and for conservation and the deep love and affection for the african continent. >> at the santa barber polo grounds, the lawn is ready and william's opponents promise they won't hold punches for the prince. >> when we're on the field, it's competitive, it has to be.
6:35 am
>> on friday, the cowboy couple kicking off the stampede wrapped up the canadian leg of the honeymoon tour, the flawless overseas trip, charming admirers every step of the way. tonight the windsors will be welcomed by a who's who of hollywood. among the celebrities expected to hob knob at the black tie affair, nicole kidman, tom hanks, and jennifer lopez. what will the fashion princess wear? the full length gown inside that garment bag could be a sneak peek. the cash-strapped state of california has been eagerly anticipating this chance to play host. >> so the royal couple is coming to california for three days. >> a national tv ad invites visitors from the rest of the country to come west as well. >> do they know we have castles. >> it's not fish and chips, but nothing says fine american dini dining like a dog. and at pinks this, is the royal dog special. for a couple's story that could
6:36 am
be written in hollywood, finally a chance to experience the real thing. and kate is winning rave reviews for what she wore last night for the first time wearing the dress of an american designer with a not to our female producer for this. the green dance was made by diane van firsenberg. how did i do? >> you did as well as i would have. security may be tighter in l.a. than it was in canada. the lapd tells us the paparazzi are under strict orders not to trespass or get near the royal couple or face arrest. the nbc news royal contributor robert johnson. good morning, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i was watching the pictures of the duke and duchess as they wrapped up their tour in canada. william is used in the spotlight. but catherine, a new bride, this is her first big test. does she seem comfortable with all of the attention? >> when i met them earlier in canada, she's slightly more
6:37 am
nervous than he is. he's a star performer. he knows exactly how to behave in front of the press. she's doing fantastically so far. >> it seems they haven't had a private moment to themselves. they visited a cooking school. they played street hockey. they visited a homeless youth center, ottawa's national war memorial. they seem to embrace people. were you surprised at the level, the size of the crowds, the type of reaction they've gotten? >> not really. i thought the crowds would be as big as this. i was there in canada watching his mother in 1991. the crowds were huge then. these figures were up at the same sort of level. but they have had a bit of private time too. and off to the rockies for 24 hours. surely that's what honeymooners should be allowed to do as well. >> in southern california, we've noted this is kate's first trip to the united states. what can you tell us about the timing of this trip and what it means to come to the u.s.? >> well, it's important. at the moment, we're told back in london on the briefing on this that the relations to the
6:38 am
u.s. and britain are so important and it seemed that these are our star couple, our jfk and jackie o. if you like, and we want to cement that special relationship and these two are doing that. >> they arrive in l.a. last night. greeted by governor brown. they attended a very private affair, a reception at the c consul general's residence. what happened there? >> one of the big star names was david beckham without his wife who's expecting a baby tomorrow. they had a little chat. they're quite good friends. it's a low-key event. the big event is going to be the event like jack black and quentin tarantino, they'll be there as well. >> a lot of pomp & circumstance here. but are they going to have some down time or unofficial time on this trip? >> i don't really think so. there's a short window here. and, in fact, when i spoke to william in canada, he said he's looking forward to getting back to north wales where he can shut
6:39 am
himself away in a dark room. >> robert, before i let you get away, you're the royal editor of britain's biggest selling newspaper, "the news of the world." the paper is shutting down. what are your thoughts here at the end of the chapter and certainly the embarrassment of this episode? >> well, it's my last day as the royal editor of "the news of the world." i have contract are there, i'm sad. all of the allegations go back to things that happened ten years ago. mr. murdoch had to do what he had to do. i'm sad for the honest, decent journalists working there today. they're working to bring out the paper that after all is 168 years old and has a reputation of breaking great news stories. but it's a sad day for british journalism in my opinion. >> appreciate you sharing your thoughts on that and the latest on the royal couple. good to have you on. up next, take a bow. amy those the rock & roll hall of fame to celebrate the women who rock. first, these messages.
6:40 am
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6:43 am
find out what it means to me ♪ >> and they're finally getting their due. >> this is not a boys' club anymore. >> opened in may, this exhibit at the rock 'n' roll hall of fame is the very first of its kind, dedicated solely to women. >> when i started this, i never had any idea that i would be connected with these women that i thought were so great. >> darlene love, one of this year's rock 'n' roll hall of fame inductees is one of over 70 artists feature in women who rock. >> i've done so much in this business starting out as a backup singer for so many people that it just said, we're going to reward you now for your body of work. >> an exhibit show cases memorabilia that has become a part of pop culture history, from madonna's famous boostier to the meat dress to grace lip's wood stock ensemble. all a part of history and all now on display. >> you'll never guess who wore
6:44 am
that dress? >> i probably wouldn't. >> oh, yeah. dawn league. >> i think it's amazing. this is a television show called "solid gold". >> who better than love to take me on a tour. we began where it started. >> these women were the first to record this kind of music before the men. and you would never think that the ladies would be the first people to record blues. >> from singing the blues to the emergence of rock, the exhibit which spans two floors is told in chronological order. >> goldie and the gingerbreads, first female band that played their own instruments. >> that's what makes this exhibit great. it's the known names and the unsung heros behind and in front of the business that may be aren't house hold names. >> right. >> and they're all put on equal footing here. >> exactly. and we are. >> one thing that strikes a chord, the dazzling dresses on display, like tina turner's. >> you can see how small she
6:45 am
was. >> wow. >> isn't it amazing to put her next to aretha franklin. >> big voices and big personalities. >> that's right. >> other big voices you can find upstairs, cher, blondie, jet, and stevie nix. >> this is some of her writings? >>. ♪ wants him to stand down she wants him to win ♪ >> that's great. >> just around the corner -- >> cindy lawner. -- lauper. >> we turn to pop divas on the map. >> janet jackson. >> the exhibit wouldn't be complete without honoring the women who took a page out of their predecessors' books. >> i remember this from brittney. >> that's right. >> and are making history today. >> really, we talk about lady gaga, she said, here i am, y'all. >> these ladies are still proving that women really do rock. ♪ i'm on the right track baby i was born this way ♪
6:46 am
>> so, i actually got to touch lady gag a's meat dress. it was really disturbing. >> the tenderizer. >> a little seasoning might have helped. all right. we should mention that the women who rock exhibits from the rock 'n' roll hall of fame will run until february of 2012. you have plenty of time to go see it. >> first time at the museum. >> it was my first time there. >> last time it was in cleveland, it was one of those, can i do it and still make my flight. i didn't. >> it was beautiful, lake erie back there. i loved the city. it was fun. coming up next, carrying on without the cost. how to save on summer ive is iod" bc n. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
6:47 am
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♪ pack your bags >> this morning on today's travel, avoiding extra costs when traveling for baggage fees or paying for pillows, airplanes continue to pile on the charges,
6:49 am
airlines do. but there are ways to save money instead of spending more. here to tell us is travel & leisure's magazine's lara bagley bloom. here's a typical carry-on bag. there's more incentive than ever to fill up the bag. >> bringing a carry-on saves you money, because the airlines are charging for a checked baggage, but it's great. you don't have to wait for your bag when it gets off of the luggage carousel at the end of the trip. >> you have toiletries, it can be a challenge. what do you suggest? >> you have to be a smart packer. toiletries can take up a ton of space and weight. you want to keep everything under three ounces per the tsa limits. what you do is you fill these. with bobbie brown, they make it easy. they have spatulas and funnels. >> it's expensive if it comes in a bigger bottle or something
6:50 am
like that. >> this way you can take your own with you. >> the clothes can be difficult. it's a business trip, the fabrics that you don't want wrinkled. >> absolutely. rolling is one great way to keep things from wrinkling and make more space in your luggage. also we have space-saving devices. these are by eagle creek. what they are, they suck the air out of the bag. so you roll them up. they take the air out and make a lot more space in the bag. it keeps your products from wrinkling. >> uh-huh. so the plastic will keep it from wrinkling. >> yes. >> all right. you have other bag ideas here. >> this is m.z. wallace. you want to take advantage of your personal items when you're traveling. the airline will let you, in addition to the carry on, bring one personal item, a handbag for a woman, a briefcase for a man, a computer bag. you want to take advantage of that space and maximize it. these bags are great, they're lightweight, they're durable. lots of pockets, lots of zippers. great for travel. >> we've got some -- these are
6:51 am
standard size. >> yep, these are. when you're traveling, they have limits for the airlines that's generally 45 linear inches. you want to check with your airline to see what the rules are. they can vary from airline to airline, plane-to-plane. >> in europe they want a slightly smaller size than we use here. >> you want to keep them small and light. i'm excited about these baggings. this is from delci. geometric, cool looking, great, durable material. this is from hideo wakamatsu, durable, smooshs do. smooshs d s durable, smooshs domushes down n create more space. >> clothes. >> keep things in one color tch, how you can takeout fits and transform them, a dress that you can wear as a dress, put a belt over it, wear it as a tunic late at night. take things, go from day and night, mix and match. >> shoes can be the biggest
6:52 am
challenge. they frankly take up a lot of space. and sometimes you want to bring -- you have different occasions, you want the gym shoes. what's advice for getting it all in. >> shoes are one of the big things in packing that you have to think about. because they take up so much space. you want versatile pieces, things that can go day to evening. these campers are great for men because they look great during the day, can look great at night. i'm obsessed with these shoes designed by maria sharapova. they're great during the day. they look chic for all occasions. >> accessories. >> can completely transform an outfit. for men, it's a tie, belt, for women, a necklace. you can take a daytime outfit and dress it up. >> it's a great triumphant feeling when you can go on carry omin on. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. we're back in a moment, but first, these messages.
6:53 am
6:54 am
and that does it for us on
6:55 am
this saturday morning. thanks to bill karins, melissa francis. coming up tomorrow on "today," prince william and princess catherine's trip to america. and images of the beatles you've never seen before. i'll see you t om nbc "nightly news." thanks for watching.
6:56 am
good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up next, an all-nighter for police in the east bay as they search for a gunman that fired at a police officer and what led to the death of a baseball fan? josh hamilton talks about his fan's deadly fall from a railing. th o of l check the royal couple's itinerary. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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good morning to you. take a live look at oakland waking up with a cloak of gray this morning. nice and cool if you have plans and those plans involve sweating in the backyard. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. some of us have been putting off that yard work because it was


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